Heal with Su Jok 

Su Jok in Korean means: "hand and foot", remote controls to our body.


Su Jok Therapy uses accupressure or acupuncture systems everywhere in the body. Su Jok doctors usually use the hand to improve most conditions instantly. You can start using Su Jok within minutes of training for self help. 


Stimulating the healing points in your hand with massage, colors, magnets or seeds... may immediately improve migraines, arthritis, Parkinsons, Multiple Sclerosis, gastro-intestinal issues, weight loss, addictions, stress, sleep, the immune system, joints, muscles and more. 


Su Jok was originally taught to medical doctors in hospitals by its founder, Professor Park Jae Woo.

His vision was to  train a Su Jok doctor in every family around the world.


Su Jok harmonizes body and mind, restoring health.

Become your own Su Jok doctor. Learn it, do it, share it. 


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