Trainers Trainning Program(TTP)

Dear Sujok family member,

We are happy to announce 1st Trainers Training Program (TTP) in India in March and April to be conducted as another phase of Prof. Park Jae Woo’s birth day celebration in India by  Sujok Master Dr. Violetta from Moscow. We in ISA-India were receiving regular request to give certificate for lecturership. And there was a continuous demand for standardization of Syllabus. But for various reasons it could not happen so far.


Now under Education Board of Global and Department of ISA-India - organizing Trainers Training Program is aiming to include all eligible Therapists all over India. This program will give you opportunity to get your official certificate as Lecturer and all benefits of Lecturers that ISA has planned from Discount on books to Study and Teaching Material.


This program is divided in 2 parts- Saturday and Sunday (Week End) for Introduction Trainers Training program. And Monday to Thursday for Basic level of Trainers Training program.


Again if you are already authorized lecturer and still you want to attend then you will get special discount on this program. In this program you will learn how to teach and what to teach under specific title course. 

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