International scientific and practical Sujok conference 


The conference was organized by the Russian department of the International Su Jok Association and Moscow Su Jok Academy Dr. Park Minkyu, vice-president of the International Su Jok Association (ISA) opened the conference.


At the conference, 30 papers were delivered by participants from 17 cities of Russia, Ukraine and Romania.


The papers highlighted the amazing results of treatment of various disorders using the methods of Su Jok therapy and Twist therapy. 

Be Your Own Sujok Doctor

Su Jok in Korean means: "hand and foot", remote controls to our body.


Su Jok Therapy uses accupressure or acupuncture systems everywhere in the body. Su Jok doctors usually use the hand to improve most conditions instantly. You can start using Su Jok within minutes of training for self help. 


Stimulating the healing points in your hand with massage, colors, magnets or seeds... may immediately improve migraines, arthritis, Parkinsons, Multiple Sclerosis, gastro-intestinal issues, weight loss, addictions, stress, sleep, the immune system, joints, muscles and more. 


Su Jok was originally taught to medical doctors in hospitals by its founder, Professor Park Jae Woo.

His vision was to  train a Su Jok doctor in every family around the world.


Su Jok harmonizes body and mind, restoring health.

Resdential Training Program on Hypertension


Dear Sujok Family,


After highly successful first Residential Training Program on “Diabetes” in March, 2014 under “Specific Pathology” series by Dr. Zohar Yagil (Israel), ISA is organizing the next program on “Hypertension” by Dr. Nikolevea Violletta from Sujok Academy - Moscow. We are sure that this program will also be highly useful for the sujok family from the point of view of detailed information, higher knowledge, intensive practical training as well as to understand unseen issues